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   Julie Jensen
History of Julie's Death
Timing of Julie's Letter
Legal Issues Surrounding Julie's Letter
Why this case has national interest

History of Julie Jensenís Death

The story of Mark Jensen is very simple and yet very complicated. Facts are as follows:

On December 3, 1998 Julie Jensen, age 40, died leaving her husband, Mark, and sons David and Douglas. Unknown to Mark and other family and friends, Julie had been telling certain select people that she feared Mark was trying to kill her. She targeted David’s third grade teacher, Therese DeFazio; her next door neighbor, Tadeusz (Ted) Wojt; and Pleasant Prairie Police Department Officer Ron Kosman. She also planted other conflicting information about Mark. On November 21, 1998, approximately 10 days before her death, she gave neighbor Tadeusz Wojt a sealed letter, telling him to give it to the police if anything should happen to her.

Unknown to everyone but the targeted people, the police were considering Julie’s death a murder. The targeted people had all been interviewed by the police within the week after Julie’s death and Julie’s letter had been read. On April 21, 1999 Mark had an interview with the Pleasant Prairie Police Department in which they were going to finally tell him the cause of Julie’s death. Instead, Mark was subjected to a 7 hour interrogation. It was at this interrogation that he learned of Julie’s letter, which was to become a pivotal point in this case.

Mark retained an attorney. Nothing more happened until March, 2002 when Mark was arrested. The trial kept being delayed until 2004, when finally the judge decided not to allow Julie’s letter to be used as evidence in the trial, instead calling it a poison pen letter.