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   Julie Jensen
History of Julie's Death
Timing of Julie's Letter
Legal Issues Surrounding Julie's Letter
Why this case has national interest

Timing of Julie’s Letter

Julie gave her letter to Tadeusz Wojt approximately 10 days before she died. It was the final draft of a premeditated letter that she had been crafting for a long time, as was her long time accumulation of prescription medicines and over-the-counter medicines. The letter could have taken as long to write and rewrite as it took her to collect the two plastic garbage bags of drugs and medicines the police removed from the house. Her collection of the drugs and medicines took years to accumulate, and the letter could have taken months to years for her to formulate.

Julie wrote that document to help incriminate Mark in her accusation of Mark attempting to murder her. She did not intend to commit suicide, she did not intend to die, nor did Mark murder her. She was trying to accuse her husband of attempted murder and get rid of him that way instead of divorcing him where she would only get half of the assets, and possibly not get the children because of her depression. In her severe bout of depression, anorexia and insomnia, and with a stomach containing self-administered antifreeze, Paxil, Ambien and Benadryl, plus other concentrations of things the prosecution toxicologist did not analyze, she died through her own misadventure. She lost control of events she set in motion and died. Her intention was to call 911 and say to the paramedics that he husband had poisoned her, get him put in prison for attempted murder, and then get the children and all the assets. She did not think she would get the children in a divorce because of her history of depression and documented hallucinations. She absolutely needed the children as an emotional crutch and her wellbeing was dependent on the children being with her as continuously as possible.

As David was growing older and wanted to with his friends more, and more independent from his mother, Julie targeted a tic that David had during first grade, second grade, and now in third grade. She began a series of doctor visits designed to create a diagnosis whereby David would be medicated for the tics. Julie had been giving David such emotional problems that he developed the tic. Mark had taken David on a fishing trip to Lake Erie and noticed that David’s tic stopped when he was away from his mother and began again when he came home to his mother. Mark then refused to allow any more of these doctor visits designed to medicate David for the tics. Julie was abusing the children for her own emotional needs.