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   A Little About Mark Jensen


Mark was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin and has lived there all his life. He was a Cub Scout and Boy Scout. He graduated from Tremper High School in Kenosha in 1976 and worked during the summer at a flower farm.

He then attended the University of Wisconsin Parkside in Kenosha for two years, working at Sears selling suits to pay for college expenses. He met Julie Griffin in the Men’s Department at Sears. She was selling everything else in the department. Julie was also attending Parkside, enrolled in the nursing program. Parkside did not offer a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, so Julie needed to transfer to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Mark decided to transfer to Oshkosh as well to be with Julie. The following summer he wanted to get a job and found there were not many available. He decided to do house painting, called his company University Student Painters and placed an ad in the Kenosha News. He painted over 60 homes during the summer and hired 9 students to complete the jobs. He and Julie painted houses together.

It was during the second semester of the following school year that Julie dropped out of nursing school during her final semester. She had spent 3 ½ years pursuing a nursing degree, and during an episode of depression, dropped out of school. She never pursued nursing again.

Following graduation, Mark became a stock broker beginning in Lake Forest, Illinois and then returning to Kenosha and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At first, Julie always took part in meetings and events in which spouses were invited, but increasingly did not want to attend, not wanting to be with people.

In April 1998, Mark was hired by Stifel Nicholas, becoming the Office Manager of a new office in Racine, Wisconsin. He now had achieved a management position. Julie had shopped with him for new office furniture, but had never seen the office; had not met any of the office staff; had not met any of the people at the St. Louis, Missouri home office that she should have met since Mark was now part of the management team, stating that she didn’t know them and didn’t want to know them. She refused to attend meetings and dinners to which spouses were included because she could not bear to have her children be watched by anyone but her. Mark continued as Office Manager until his arrest in 2002, after which he no longer had a job in the brokerage industry.

In order to support his family, Mark started a construction company. He built the company, and at one time had up to 30 employees working a variety of construction jobs. His firm was very much in demand.

At the hearing in August, 2007 Judge Schroeder ordered a change in his bail to $1,200,000 and ordered him directly to jail from the courtroom. His attorneys requested a electronic collar, which the judge denied. As a result of his arrest, suppliers refused new orders for materials, and jobs which he had contracted to do could not be finished. Tools, equipment and supplies disappeared from the company premises. There was no time to hire a construction manager, and the company collapsed because of the cavalier behavior of Judge Schroeder. At this time we believe the loss amounts to around $400,000, and we will know after Jensen Construction Group files for bankruptcy.