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   A Little About Mark Jensen
During the Trial

After nine years of attempting to convict Mark Jensen of poisoning his wife, Julie with ethylene glycol (antifreeze) and producing lab tests of Julie's stomach contents, computer analysis of poison computer sites, witnesses and evidence all supporting the prosecution at Mark's trial to present evidence of poisoning.

During the trial, Robert Jambois, the special prosecutor dropped a bombshell by saying Julie Jensen was not poisoned by her husband. Special prosecutor Robert Jambois has essentially impeached his own evidence and his witnesses. Special prosecutor Robert Jambois said Julie Jensen was not poisoned but was instead smothered.

Attorneys who watched this case unfold in the news media were left shaking their heads in embarrassment of the special prosecutor, who for nine years tried to prove Julie was poisoned by antifreeze and then in trial say she was not poisoned. The bamboozled jury convicted Mark anyway. His case is currently being appealed.