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   Pathology Expert Testimony
 ( excerpts taken from article written by Tom Kertshcer, Journal Sentinel Feb. 5, 2008)

Elkhorn - An expert in treatment of poisonings testified Tuesday that Julie Jensen ingested far less antifreeze than prosecutors claim, as the defense phase of Mark Jensen's murder trial began.

Colorado physician Barry Rumack, former president of the American Association of Poison Control Centers, said the amount and other factors suggest it was more likely that Julie Jensen ingested the antifreeze herself, rather than having it administered to her.

Rumack also criticized methods used by the prosecution's experts in analyzing the amount of ethylene glycol - the main ingredient in antifreeze - in Julie Jensen's body. The results of some of the testing were incomplete, he said.

"In a case of this magnitude, close is not acceptable," Rumack said.

Rumack was the first witness to testify in the defense of Mark Jensen, 48, who faces a mandatory life sentence if convicted of first-degree intentional homicide. Prosecutors say he poisoned and then smothered Julie Jensen, 40, but Jensen's lawyers say she committed suicide and tried to frame her husband.

Rumack, who was raised in the Milwaukee area and is the former director of Colorado's poison control center, said he has almost always testified for the prosecution in about 100 trials. He testified that he disagreed with a prosecution expert in the Jensen case who had testified earlier in the trial that there was a large amount of ethylene glycol in Julie Jensen's stomach.

Rumack said he did his own calculations and determined the amount was "clearly small."

Rumack also testified that he found "a number of very concerning issues" with the way in which a laboratory conducted tests on what was found in Julie Jensen's body.