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   the Post-It Note
The Post-It Note
The Letter
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(Explanation and Proof Julie Lied in her Letter)
Own drug supply
Nicrotrol NS    (Nicotine Nasal Spray prescription dated 11/11/98 that Julie called Dr. Borman for, filled at Good Value Pharmacy)
Bottle booze    (vodka)
Razor blades    (single edge)
Librium shells    (Mark’s 20 year old prescription for Chlordiapoxide, generic Librium, that she kept refilling without his knowledge and which she was snorting for faster effect. She filled prescriptions for 100 each on 7/28/98 and 8/10/98 at Walgreens and submitted them to insurance. The receipt is in her handwriting – how does she not have knowledge?????)
Defazio    (there was a note in the dry bar to talk to Terri DeFazio)
Terri    (Terri is Terri DeFazio)
Patches    (nicotine patches – a poison as well as a stimulant and mood lifter)
Shells    (Benadryl capsule shells – red and white. she was snorting Benadryl for faster effect)
Syringe    (the syringe had no needle)