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The Letter
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(Dissected, Explained and Julie Discredited)
Pleasant Prairie Police Department
Ron Kosman or Detective Ratzenburg
(Ron Kosman??? – should this not have been Officer Ron Kosman??? Officer Kosman testified she was a “friend” and Julie was on a first-name basis with him. After she had 50 inappropriate contacts with Kosman, calling him instead of the Pleasant Prairie Police Department, the Chief of Police told Julie to cease calling him and that Detective Ratzberg would be her contact. Officer Kosman continued to see her, inappropriately and defying the chief’s instruction.)
I took this picture & am writing this on Saturday 11-21-98 at 7AM. This “list” was in my husband’s business daily planner – not meant for me to see
(Julie put the post-it note in Mark’s planner on a random page and took the picture in retaliation for Mark’s confronting her with what he had found in her dry bar as listed on the post-it note).
I don’t know what it means,
(it’s an inventory of her dry bar that was in the bedroom and she kept locked.)
but if anything happens to me, he would be my first suspect. Our relationship has deteriorated to the polite superficial.
(ever since I told him last summer that I did not want a relationship with him any longer – I only wanted him to work and bring home the money. This was evidenced in email to Kelly on 10/16/98. On 10/15 Mark had another conversation with Julie in which she again stated she did not want a relationship. …”I asked the questions, heard the answers, we are just hanging out until one of us makes a decision” Kelly testified regarding that conversation of Mark’s with Julie about hers and Mark’s relationship that did not go well).
I know he’s never forgiven me for the brief affair
(not brief at all – she was planning a divorce and had compiled an accounting of how much money she would receive in a divorce settlement)
I had with that creep seven years ago. Mark lives for work & the kids; he’s an avid surfer of the Internet…
(what does this last statement mean? Is she trying to set Mark up for something? There are two very dissimilar thoughts in one sentence here.)
Anyway – I do not smoke or drink
(then why did she keep a bottle of booze – Vodka - in her locked dry bar?? And what does this have to with anything about her fear?).
My mother was an alcoholic, so I limit my drinking to one or two a week
(then why the locked up bottle of booze? Secret alcoholic? Vodka doesn’t leave a liquor smell on the breath. She just contradicted her statement “I do not smoke or drink”.).
Mark wants me to drink more – with him in the evenings. I don’t. I would never take my life because of my kids
(why is she even mentioning this? It doesn’t fit with the rest of the letter.)
they are everything to me!
(She would not commit suicide, but she would fake an attempted murder to get the children and money, and have Mark in prison for attempted murder.
I regularly take Tylenol
(she bought Tylenol in 500 tablet bottles)
& multi-vitamins; occasionally take OTC stuff for colds, Zantac, or Immodium
(then why the Nicrotral NS (nasal spray), the empty generic Librium capsules (was she ‘snorting’ Librium?, the Benadryl ‘shells’ or empty Benadryl capsules (was she also ‘snorting’ Benadryl? Remember – she had Librium and Benadryl in her stomach contents at death)
; have one prescription – for migraine tablets, which Mark use more than I
(she was calling in for prescriptions for Mark, but the prescriptions were for HER.).
I pray I’m wrong & nothing happens … but I am suspicious of Mark’s suspicious behaviors & fear for my early demise. However, I will not leave David & Douglas.
(Why would she need to leave David and Douglas – she had been offered four times to go to a shelter – with them – or go to a provided home – with them, not without them. She did not accept any offer to leave home with the children because she did not fear she would be murdered. She knew she was going to take an attempted murder and accuse Mark.)
My life’s greatest love, accomplishment and wish: “My 3 D’s” – Daddy (Mark), David & Douglas.