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   Let’s talk about Julie Jensen
Who was she?
What was she up to??

Who was she?
Julie came from a family that had a history of depression. Her mother suffered from depression, as did her brother, Patrick who attempted suicide at the age of 17 by slitting his wrists in the bathtub. He was found by his family in the bloody bathtub and rescued. Her mother was also an alcoholic. Julie substituted as a replacement mother during her mother’s recurring drunkenness and her mental incapacity from depression.

Her mother kicked her five year old son, Richie in the stomach in the morning and he died in the afternoon. When the police arrived, the mother blamed his brothers for Richie’s death by claiming his brothers had piled on Richie in a playful monkey pile in the back yard. It wasn’t until the four brothers became older that they realized their mother had killed little Richie, not them.
Mark and Julie had a wedding rehearsal dinner for 40 guests at a restaurant. Her mother did not have an alcoholic beverage for three days prior to the dinner in an attempt to be sober for the wedding. At the dinner she suddenly stiffened up, slipped off her chair, and fell unconscious under the table. The rescue squad was called and she was taken to the hospital where she remained for 30 days tied in restraints while she was recovering from alcoholism. She missed the wedding.
After Julie’s mother and father retired to Florida, he mother drowned in their swim pool while she was drinking. Julie’s brothers were heard to say they thought their father may have drowned his wife because they thought she had it coming.
Julie had three major clinically diagnosed episodes of depressions, plus others during her relationship with Mark.